About Us


Margaret Burdick

I am the founder of the Burdick violin studio in Mesa, AZ. I have taught private violin, viola and piano for over 20 years. Previously I have taught orchestra with Mesa Public Schools from 2001-2015.

I have a Bachelors degree from Arizona State University in Music Education and Music Theory and  I purposely integrate music theory in a fun and engaging way to my students as they show the musical maturity to add this portion of learning into their Suzuki lessons. I also completed my Masters degree in Music Education from Northern Arizona University as I studied applying different assessment techniques in her classroom to increase student’s intrinsic motivation. I studied with Dr. Katie McLin and has performed with the Chandler Symphony Orchestra, Brevard Orchestra, and Arizona State University Symphony. 

I an currently on the board for the Valley of the Sun Suzuki Association serving as Treasurer and just completed my ECC and book 1 Suzuki Training in Greenville, NC.  Furthermore, I  currently teache the Suzuki program at Las Sendas Elementary school as well as growing my own Suzuki studio. The studio performs in recitals twice a year and has a lot of opportunities for group classes. 

In short,  I believe that studying music gives children essential skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives, and that music should be a part of every child's education. In lessons, I teach violin technique, musicianship, and musical literacy, but my ultimate goal is to foster a lifelong love of music and learning in all of my students.

Email Margaret at BurdickViolin@gmail.com for more information.


Teaching Philosophy

 I believe that musical skill and talent is something that is carefully crafted and developed not something that people are simply born with. I am passionate that every student is capable of learning and achieving musical greatness when such learning is fueled by desire, careful practice, and correct teaching. 

All of my students that I work with get the promise from me to provide my students with all of the instruction, tools, and experience necessary to become violinists that play with excellence no matter what level they are currently at. In order to cultivate exceptional violinists and musicians, my priority is to give my students a solid foundation of technical skills from the very first lesson. These skills include correct posture, careful listening, and efficient motion patterns that are free from injury causing stress and tension. With solid technical control over the instrument, students are able to more fully and deeply focus on musical expression and interpretation. 

One of my other biggest priorities as a teacher is to teach students skills on how to practice and hold them accountable for these skills. For all ages and ability levels, this includes clear, specific assignments, and level- appropriate practice suggestions with lots of detail, backing track recordings or other resources that make practicing more fun. For younger students, parental involvement in all of the lessons is absolutely essential from the beginning as parents will be the home teacher that provides help daily during home practice sessions.  

When I got my Master’s degree I chose to do my research on developing a more intrinsically motivated student and so I also believe it is important to develop intrinsically motivated students who have a genuine love and excitement for learning. I strive to accomplish this by placing an emphasis on the process and not the product, celebrating and making both the student and the parent aware of each accomplishment and progression made, avoiding bribes and rewards, and working with the student, and when appropriate the parent, to create a stimulating musical environment. One of my values as a teacher is to constantly be learning with and from my students, as I believe that a great teacher is one that never stops learning themselves. I adjust my teaching to fit the individual needs and learning style of each student as well as seeking to customize our lesson goals to fit the dreams, vision, and circumstances of each student. 

I believe that not every student will become a professional musician, but that every student will create a meaningful life experience from their music education that will be applicable to living their life in a richer more meaningful way. In short, I believe that music education goes beyond the reach of simply learning to play an instrument but encompasses self-control, teamwork, goal setting, artistic expression, creativity, and develops the brain connections to work together in a way that nothing else does.  


Interested in Starting

 We would love to meet you and your child.  Join us to come watch a lesson to see how much fun we have!

 Students will need the following basic materials for lessons. All materials should be brought to each lesson:

  • Instrument and bow
  • Shoulder rest
    • Either a Kun-style shoulder rest
    •  Thick foam rest
    • I will determine which type is best for the individual student.
  • Rosin 
  • Spiral bound, lined notebook for assignments 

About Suzuki Method

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998) created a special method of music education called Talent Education. He believed that every child can learn and that talent is not inborn, it is nourished and developed over time with love. Suzuki realized that all children learn their native language with ease so he applied the principles of language acquisition to the learning of music. He called this the mother-tongue approach. 

His method of teaching is successful when these key principles are followed: 

  • Parent Involvement
  • Early Beginning
  • Listening
  • Repetition
  • Encouragement
  • Learning with Other Children
  • Graded Repertoire
  • Delayed Reading  

Contact us to schedule your trial lesson today. We have multiple ways to set up your appointment. 

You can call me at (480) 209-4624 , or fill out the form on the contact page, and I will do my best to reply within 24 hours to set up a time to meet!